Unmentionable Tales. Part 06: Mysterious Obedient, part 3.

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rtc.stagcms.com/neonatologische-und-padiatrische-intensivpflege-praxisleitfaden.php All Formats Kindle Edition Sort by: Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Available for download now. Spanish Edition Jan 14, La historia de dos sumisas. Spanish Edition Dec 26, Mysterious Obedient, part 3. Spanish Edition May 27, The night I Went on Whores. Twelve days in July. Series Mary Poppins series 6 of 7.

Series Mary Poppins series 4 of 7. Series Mary Poppins series 3 of 7. Series Mary Poppins series 7 books. Series Book of lies series 2 of 3. Series Deltora Quest series 6 of 9. Series Chronicles of Krangor series 2 of 3.

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Series The Keepers trilogy series 1 of 3. Publisher University of Queensland Press, Series The Indian in the cupboard series 3 of 5. Series Nelly the monster sitter series 5 books. Series The Keepers trilogy series 3 of 3. Series Percy Jackson series 6 books. Series Phredde series 12 books. Series Pie rats series 6 books. Series Practical guide series 5 books.

Series Practical guide series 4 of 5. Series Practical guide series 1 of 5. Series Practical guide series 5 of 5. Series Practical guide series 2 of 5. Series Practical guide series 3 of 5. Series Chronicles of Narnia series 2 of 7. Series Roxy Ran series 2 of 3. Series The Indian in the cupboard series 4 of 5.

Series Deltora Quest series 8 of 9. Series Rondo series 3 books. Series Rowan of Rin series 6 of 7. Series Rowan of Rin series 3 of 7. Series Rowan of Rin series 2 of 7. Series Rowan of Rin series 4 of 7. Series Rowan of Rin series 1 of 7. Series Rowan of Rin series 7 books. Series Rowan of Rin series 7 of 7. Series Roxy Ran series 3 books. Series Ruby Rosemount series 3 of 3. Series Ruby Rosemount series 1 of 3. Series Ruby Rosemount series 2 of 3. Series Ruby Rosemount series 3 books. Series Tom Trueheart series 1 of 3. Series The Indian in the cupboard series 5 of 5.

Series Selby series 22 books. Stories of animal shape-shifters from around the world. Series Dragonkeeper series 5 of 6. Series Dragons of Deltora series 2 of 4. Series Deltora Shadowlands series 3 of 3. Series Deltora Quest series 4 of 9. Series Chronicles of Narnia series 4 of 7. Series Dragons of Deltora series 4 of 4. Series Spirit Animals series 8 books. Series Star League series 8 books. Series Star League series 2 of 8. Series The Hidden series 2 of 3. Series The Hidden series 3 books.

Series The impossible quest series 5 books. Series The Indian in the cupboard series 5 books. Series The Keepers trilogy series 3 books. Series The Warlock's child series 3 books. Series The Wombles series 6 books. Series Tom Trueheart series 2 of 3. Series Tom Trueheart series 3 of 3. Series Tom Trueheart series 3 books. Series Pie rats series 4 of 6. Series Tuesday McGillycuddy series 3 books. Series Unlikely exploits series 3 books. Series Deltora Quest series 7 of 9.

Series Vermonia series 5 books. Series Vermonia series 2 of 5. Series Vermonia series 1 of 5. Series Vermonia series 3 of 5. Series Vermonia series 4 of 5. Series Vermonia series 5 of 5. Series Victor series 3 of 2. Series Chronicles of Narnia series 3 of 7. Series The Warlock's child series 1 of 3. Series The Warlock's child series 2 of 3. Series The Warlock's child series 3 of 3. Series Roxy Ran series 1 of 3.

Series Wildwood trilogy series 3 books. Series Rondo series 2 of 3. Series The impossible quest series 2 of 5. Books by Title Books by Author. A Tale of Fontania series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Adventures of Scarygirl, The Abandoned on a remote peninsula, Scarygirl is rescued by Blister, a large friendly octopus. Blister and Scarygirl become best friends. But no one knows where Scarygirl came from, or who she really is, and her dreams are full of strange and disturbing visions. Ancient machine, The Georgie and Thomas are summoned to Allegoria to stop a machine that is ticking down to the end of the world.

They enlist the help of a troupe of travelling daredevils. Apprentice witch, The Arianwyn fails her witch's assessment. To the delight of her arch-rival, Gimma, Arianwyn is awarded the dull bronze disc of an apprentice and, in disgrace, sent to protect the remote, dreary town of Lull. But, Arianwyn's new life is far from boring. Dark spirits and strange creatures creep out of the wood. And just as Arianwynn starts to get her feet under her, shadows start to creep into her own magic. Archie Greene and the magician's secret On his twelfth birthday, Archie Greene receives a mysterious present, an old book, written in a language he doesn't recognise.

But, the magical book under Archie's protection is dangerous, and dark spirits hunt it out. In this magical world, bookshelves are enchanted, librarians are sorcerers and spells come to life. Ash is soon on a desperate quest to save his family and friends. With the help of Rondo's best witches and wizards, their friends plan to combat the Blue Queen's attacks. But defence is no longer enough. The queen has a dragon and is plotting a terrible revenge on those who defied her. A daring plan, a reckless quest and a mysterious prophecy test the friends' wits and courage as they plunge into danger and battle.

Battle of the heroes Quinn, Sebastian, Elanor and Tom have defeated the black witch, Githa, and found the last crucial piece of the prophecy, the sea serpent's scale. Back now at Wolfhaven, they search desperately through the castle crypts for the sleeping heroes, whom they hope will save them all, before the dark moon rises and they lose everything. Sebastian and Elanor seek help from Crowthorne Castle but both allies and enemies will reveal themselves. Tom and Quinn venture into the mysterious moors where a hideous beast lies in waiting. Beyond the knock-knock door After ruining a classmate's costume party, the Bowman triplets are chased into the city sewers.

Locked inside, they discover a gateway to another world where sharks fly, swashbucklers scheme and party costumes become real. The triplets are mistaken for famous heroes and must fight the biggest trouble of all. When a powerful weapon is stolen, the three of them must battle through sixteenth-century Japan and present-day New York to stop a power-hungry shogun from destroying the city.

Betrayal and the testing of friendships combine in a battle for world supremacy. Black warrior Everyone close to Roxy has been cursed and the monster Tigon has been unleashed on her hometown. Lanternwood's only hope is for the ninja and samurai clans to join forces. Among the chaos, Roxy can't shake the urge to find the father she has never met. Blood brothers The year is and the powerful Han Dynasty is no more. Kai is years old, a teenager in dragon years. His search for the person predestined to be his dragonkeeper leads him to a Buddhist novice, Tao. But, Tao, believing his path lies elsewhere, has no interest in caring for a difficult dragon.

Tao must listen to the voice within himself and learn that no journey ever reveals its true purpose until it's over. Book from Baden Dark, The Marcel, his cousin, Fergus, and Bea, the half-elf, must travel into the forbidden underground world of Baden Dark on a rescue mission. The compelling conclusion to the Book of lies trilogy takes you on a journey deep into yourself, as Marcel and his friends struggle with the meaning of life and death, and make decisions that involve huge personal sacrifice or vanity as they witness loyalty and betrayal.

Book of lies series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Book of lies, The In the dead of night, a boy is delivered to an orphanage in a remote village. Lord Alwyn descends from the tower of the orphanage and begins reading to the unconscious boy from a special book, a mysterious book. Borrowers afield, The Having lost their home, the family must start a new life in a lost boot. Arrietty finds the outdoors exhilarating, while Homily finds it dangerous and dirty.

They believe there must be other 'Borrowers' or little people out there but they don't know where. Borrowers afloat, The Pod, Homily and Arrietty must leave the safety of their new house and venture out into the great, big world. On the way to Little Fordham, a miniature model town, they discover the world is a dangerous place for someone as small as a Borrower.

Unknown to them, the greedy Mr. Platter has built a rival model village. He kidnaps them for his own model. These little people must escape or remain the prisoners of huge human 'beans'.

Weird Tales/Volume 24/Issue 3/The Jest of Warburg Tantavul

Borrowers avenged, The The Clocks have escaped and moved from the lovely miniature village to the rectory at Little Fordham, finally reunited with relatives who are also 'Borrowers'. The terrible Platters return, as desperate as ever to capture Arietty and her family. Borrowers series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Unmentionable Tales. Part Amo de amas (Domisión nº 3) (Spanish Edition) Feb 22, by Jack Crane Part Mysterious Obedient, part 3. Jun 12 Results Amo de amas (Domisión nº 3) (Spanish Edition). £ Kindle Edition Kindle Edition. Unmentionable Tales. Part Mysterious Obedient, part 3.

Borrowers, The The Borrowers are human-like but only a few centimetres tall. They live under the floorboards, borrowing what they need from the 'human beans' above and sometimes placing themselves in great danger doing so. Brambleheart Twig is looking for who he will be in life. In the Hill, everyone studies a craft and becomes a Master's apprentice, but first you have to be good at something. Twig tries very hard in all his classes, but his imagination wanders to his favourite books or the delicious mayapples growing beyond the scavenge yard Unsure if he'll ever amount to anything, Twig sets out on a journey to discover himself.

However, instead of finding answers, he stumbles upon a dragon's egg which soon hatches. But when he learns that his secret might hurt others, he's forced to make a choice between his place in the world and the feelings in his heart. And will protecting his new friends help him discover who he is meant to be? Bronze bird tower Tao and Kai's journey has been long and at last they have arrived at the Dragon Haven but what they find is not the sanctuary Kai has described. Will they be unwelcome or made to leave.

It seems they will be forced straight back into the clutches of the murderous nomad leader Jilong, who is intent on vengeance. They need to Kai safe. Being a Dragonkeeper is so much more difficult than Tao could have imagined. But when things are at their worst, help can come from the most unexpected places.

And the least powerful can become a mighty force.

Weird Tales/Volume 24/Issue 3/The Jest of Warburg Tantavul - Wikisource, the free online library

Perhaps there is a place for dragons in this world after all. Bureau of Mysteries George Feather lives an uneventful life. That is, until he falls down a chimney and discovers the Bureau of Mysteries, an eccentric group of investigators and codebreakers who live between the floors of a hotel. George is recruited and with his partner, Imp, must follow trails of evidence and try to crack the codes left behind by the suspects.

The tricky cryptic clues must be solved in time to save the city. With the help of a little boy, they try to break a spell to help Carbonel reclaim his position as king of cats. Charlie and the chocolate factory Willy Wonka, the eccentric chocolate-maker, opens his doors to the public.

Young Charlie Bucket and four unworthy fellow winners, have the opportunity to discover some extraordinary secrets. For Charlie, life will never be the same again. Charlie and the great glass elevator Charlie Bucket has won Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and is on his way to take possession of it, in a great glass elevator.

When the elevator makes a fearful whooshing noise, Charlie and his family find themselves in splendid orbit around the Earth. A daring adventure has begun, with Willy Wonka leading the way. Chronicles of Krangor series Battles, betrayals and beguiling enchantments. Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Chronicles of Narnia series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Cicada summer Two years ago, Eloise's mother died and, over time, sadness has taken her voice. Her father, preoccupied with grandiose schemes that allow him to run from his own grief, ignores what is happening with Eloise's quietness. When Eloise meets Anna, a girl from another time, things begin to change as Eloise finds the peace and safety she needs to heal.

City of Ember, The Endless darkness is threatening the underground city of Ember. Food is in short supply, corruption is spreading and the lights keep failing. Soon Ember could be engulfed by darkness. Lina and Doon must find a way to escape before the lights go out forever.

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City of lies The Keeper Trilogy - Book 2. Goldie Roth is a trained thief and a skilled liar. She's supposed to be one of the Keepers of the mysterious Museum of Dunt but she will not leave her sick parents. But, when Toadspit's sister is stolen, he and Goldie follow the child-stealers. She discovers some dangerous secrets that the child-stealers will kill to protect. Goldie needs all her skills as a thief and a liar if she is to survive and save her friends. City of secret rivers, The Hyacinth is not at all pleased to move to London with her mother, partly because she still hopes her parents might get back together.

Even her love of history does not make London more appealing, even less so when she opens her grandmother's farewell gift of a book titled A History of the Sewers of London which she is bored enough to actually read , although she is puzzled, intrigued and a little anxious when the accompanying card foretells terrible danger, with no clue as to what it might be. She soon discovers a world of magic and strange creatures and places. All is definitely not what it seems and it is not at all certain whom she can trust.

With her mother's life at stake Hyacinth must use all her skills to find the right path to prevent a catastrophe. City of the rats Lief, Barda and Jasmine - companions with nothing in common but their hatred of the enemy - are on a perilous quest to see the seven lost gems of the magic Belt of Deltora. This funny story describes her efforts to put things right. Cloud road, The Adventure and danger follow Bily, Zluty, Redwing and the Monster as they cross a desert and journey through high stony mountains in search of a new home.

Cloudchasers, The In the grey streets of Bankertown, Alice dares to rebel, escaping into the clouds in a hot air balloon. She is determined to restore imagination and freedom to Bankertown, but the terrifying Catcher is on her trail. Cogheart Lily's dad, the inventor, has gone missing. He may even be dead! But Lily doesn't believe it and her mechanical fox, Malkin, has heard whispers about a new invention her dad was working on before he vanished, that may hold the key finding him.

But the mission to return Lily's father won't be easy or safe and just who are those creepy mirror-eyed men? Comet in Moominland Moomintroll learns that a comet is heading towards Moominvalley. So, he and Sniff, the small animal, set out for the observatory on the Lonely Mountains to seek advice from the Professor. On the way, they meet interesting people and have some narrow escapes. Corby Flood Corby Flood and her large family are aboard a shabby cruise ship on their way to a new school.

Armed with her trusty travel advisory, Corby learns about all the exotic ports along the coast while keeping an eye on the other passengers, the sinister Brotherhood of the Clowns, the unintelligible Hattenswillers, the mysterious man from Cabin 2 and the smarmy lieutenant.

Most worying, though, is the creature in the crate. Crow country Sadie has moved to the country with her mum, although she would have preferred to stay in Melbourne with her friends. Life takes an unexpected turn when Sadie has an unusual encounter with a crow on a dried-up lake, and then meets Lachie Mortlock. Living in the country takes on new meaning, especially when Crow gives Sadie a secret to keep and a mystery to solve.

Crystal run, The When Joe accidentally runs through a portal, he lands in a camp training teenagers to become Runners. Each cycle, three Runners are sent to place the power sources that will secure the shield that protects their land and keeps the enemy away. Once this is done, a toxin is released into their bodies and the Runners die. No one is permitted to return through the shield and nobody can remain in enemy territory. It's Joe's turn on the next Run. He is desperate to return to Earth. Legends also known as terrifying, human-eating monsters have invaded the town of Darkmouth and aim to conquer the world.

The last remaining Legend Hunter - Finn - will protect us. Finn, twelve-years-old, loves animals, he's not a natural fighter, but he tries really, really hard, and we all know good intentions are the best weapons against a hungry Minotaur, right? On second thoughts, panic. Chaos descends The adventures of Fin the unlikely, uncertain and completely reluctant monster hunter continue and things just keep getting worse.

Not only are people disappearing but it looks like a full scale monster invasion is on the way. Will Fin and his friends be able to halt the monster attack or are we all doomed? Hero rising Finn's world just keeps getting more and more dangerous. Being a monster hunter is in the family after all and in this fourth book of the Darkmouth series Finn is finally accepting this fact. But now that he has been cast out of Darkmouth as a traitor and the people he thought he could trust are turning out to be as treacherous as the monsters he hunts, Finn has other things on his mind.

Not least of all, the rise of an ancient power that is threatening to end the entire universe. Worlds Explode The adventures of the most unfortunate Legend Hunter ever to don fighting armour and pick up a Dessicator continues. On a list of things Finn never thought he'd wish for, a gateway bursting open in Darkmouth was right up there. But that's about his only hope for finding his missing father.

He's searched for a map, he's followed Steve into dead ends, but found nothing. And he's still got homework to do. But soon Finn and Emmie must face bizarre Legends, a ravenous world and a face from the past as they go where no Legend Hunter has gone before. Or, at least, where no legend Hunter has gone before and returned with their limbs in the correct order. Deltora book of monsters, The A colourful bestiary that depicts the terrifying creatures of Deltora's forests, mountains and deserts.

Deltora Quest series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Deltora Shadowlands series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Dinotopia This is a pseudo-factual account of the relationship between humans and dinosaurs.

Dragon Blood Pirates series Two modern day boys, sometimes accompanied by their little sister and a sinister three-legged cat, are able to fall through time portals back to the time of bloodthirsty pirates and rollicking sea adventures. But when the boys run into Slitgut who forces them to walk the plank, they uncover more than they could have expected in their wildest dreams. They have to work out how they got there and how to get home, and more importantly, how to survive pirates like Captain Gunner, Snotty Nell and the ghost of Vicious Victor.

The boys use their wits to escape some terrifying dangers as they rescue cash-strapped pirates. But, they will need all their resources to escape the evil clutches of Captain Blacktooth. The kids return to the islands in pursuit of Al's ancestors' treasure, visit the plague city and discover the golden key that opens a door to a secret in Dragon Island's hidden city. But she turns out to be another clue in their connection with this adventurous time in history. Al and Owen rescue kidnapped baby elephants and Al's decoding skills prove very handy for locating secret treasure.

Perhaps it's just as well for they have to battle pirates and escape cannibals to get home, alive and uneaten. Al finishes reading his grandfather's diary and discovers the word he and his friends have been seeking to empower his sabre. When Al wears it, he is invincible. But, while Al, Owen and Snakeboot, the cat, are away, Gunner sails off with the sabre and scabbard, leaving the boys behind. His plan is to attack Blacktooth and regain Velvetfoot's treasure. When the girls are taken hostage by Captain Slitgut, the boys come to their rescue.

But, they must try to overturn Gunner's rumour that they duped his enemy pirates with a real sabre. Keen to find out more and uncover the secret words that empower the magical sabre, the boys head back to the islands. When they show them to Grandfather, he notices that the four black diamonds that once decorated the scabbard are gone. The gems are cursed and make their owner deathless. However, when they travel to the Dragon Blood Islands, instead of landing on Captain Gunner's ship, the children land in the ocean.

The shifty Stanley Spong informs Captain Gunner and the boys that there is treasure to be found and Blacktooth and Snotty Nell are already on their way to finding it. The book tells them about a sorcerer who was buried, in a crypt on Dragon Island, with a golden death mask set upon his face and all his treasure.

Keen to find more treasure, Captain Gunner accompanies the boys to Dragon Island. It's Velvetfoot, the last of the deathless pirates and possessor of the fourth and final black diamond. The modern day adventurers must work out the code and unleash the mystery of Sabre Island.

Find out if they make it to the abandoned city, across crocodile-infested waters and through trees hung with skulls. Dragon legends Look inside the mythical and fantastic world of dragons. A magnificent mixture of heroic myths, stories and folktales from the storytelling traditions of India, Greece, England, Wales, Sweden and China. Dragon moon Ancient China, Han Dynasty. Ping and Kai have travelled far but their journey is not yet over. When a hidden message from Danzi makes the way clear, Ping knows that once again the journey of a thousand li begins with a single step.

Dragon with a chocolate heart, The All Aventurine wants to do is explore the world outside of her family's mountain cave. However, as a young dragon, her tough scales haven't fully developed yet, so the outside is too perilous or so her family says. She is determined to fly on her own and prove them wrong by capturing the most dangerous prey of all- a human. But when that human tricks her into drinking an enchanted hot chocolate, Aventurine is transformed into a puny human girl- no sharp teeth, no fire breath, no claws.

Still she's the fiercest creature in these mountains, and now she's found her true passion-chocolate! Dragon's nest Four vile creations of sorcery are hidden in the land. The companions must find them and destroy them, their only clue the fragment of an ancient map, their only help the last of Deltora's dragons.

Dragonkeeper A slave girl saves the life of an ageing dragon and escapes her brutal master. Pursued by a ruthless dragon hunter, the girl and the dragon make an epic journey across China carrying a mysterious stone that must be protected. Dragonkeeper series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Dragons of Deltora series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Dread mountain To find the fifth stone, the heroes must venture almost to the border of the Shadowlands, and plunge into the darkness and terror of the realm of the monstrous toad Gellick - Dread Mountain.

His house turns out to be a ship and they embark on a voyage across the Sea of Time to stop diabolical Queen Octavia and her plan to banish time. Only one item remains on their impossible quest - the scale of a sea-serpent. Now, they must journey to the drowned kingdom, where they will face their deadliest challenge yet. And there, they will uncover the truth behind all that has happened.

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Series Tom Trueheart series 1 of 3. Borrowers series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Less than 10 minutes after the arrival of the mysterious letter, Henry is on the run with his Auntie Pearl, possibly never to return home. City of lies The Keeper Trilogy - Book 2. Usually, safe botanical names are chosen.

The truth that will change everything. Ella enchanted Ella is given a blessing at birth, the gift of obedience, by a very stupid fairy. It proves to be a mixed blessing for Ella who literally has to do what anyone, and everyone tells her. Ella's big chance An updated version of Cinderella with a surprise ending. Empty frame Max, one of the three children spending their holidays with a cousin at The Abbey, hears a woman crying on his first night there.

He investigates and discovers that the sixteenth century portrait of Lady Alice is now just an empty frame. Escape from Wolfhaven Castle Tell your lord to beware, the wolves smell danger in the wind. Wolfhaven Castle has been attacked and only four escape. Tom, trained to scrub pots, not fight; Elanor, the lord's daughter; Sebastian, a knight in training; and Quinn, the witch's apprentice.

If they are to save their people, they must find four magical beasts from legend and awaken the sleeping warriors of the past. But first, they have to make it out of the castle alive. Fairy realm series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books and up to five more can be read as personal choice books. Jessie must learn her grandmother's secret and help save the creatures of Realm.

But when the flower fairies follow Jessie out of the Realm, she is not sure she can protect them from the dangers of her own world. Jessie and her friends must find out what's wrong and help the gnomes.

Tripartito. (Spanish Edition)

There are the Rainbow Fairies, who desperately need Jessie's help to find a lost magic treasure or they'll never get back to the secret garden. A wild wind has brought the tiny creatures down from the hills. They're making life in the Realm impossible and eating up all the magic. With the help of the magical Rainbow Wand, Jessie sets off, only to discover a secret that threatens the peace and safety of the Fairy Realm. This year, though, the night before the festival, Giff the elf has accidentally damaged the cloak.

But now her own world is in danger. Forest fires threaten her beloved home, Blue Moon and only the magic of the realm can help her. So Jessie must make an impossible decision, either to save the human world, or the Realm. She knows she can't save both but she hasn't counted on the help of the powerful unicorns. Their Moon Stone has been stolen. They won't return anything that floats down to their Finding Pool until their stone is returned. Fantastica series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books and up to five more can be read as personal choice books.

But if Saxton wants Coravel's help he must be prepared to make a huge sacrifice. Saxten's secret Ferdor, a magician, has been hired to find Saxten and trap him, using his friend Lily as bait. But he has not counted on the loyalty of Dargo, the only wolf among all the creatures of the forest who is deaf to Severo's treachery. Severo's intent A painting in Saxten's house unsettles him, making him feel watched. He is forced to flee through the painting into another world, the kingdom of Drumminor, where evil is everywhere and he is the only possible saviour. Emperor Flood, the court magician, has usurped the power of their parents.

With loyal friends and their shape-shifting abilities, they must pit themselves against Flood to reclaim the kingdom. Flood captures Northseeker and the children are separated. They follow the ship to Flood's Castle Crag, where the final mystery awaits. Saxten confronts his enemy, Severo, in his forest stronghold. Far-flung adventures series An adventure, fantasy series with tongue-in-cheek characters and situations.

Fergus Crane When a mysterious flying box arrives at Fergus' window with a message from his Uncle Theo, the boy learns that he is in danger and that his uncle is sending help. Help is what Fergus needs when the clipper ship that serves as his school disappears with the other students on board and the teachers are not quite what they seem. Fergus will need to be brave and resourceful to rescue his friends.

Fetcher's song Gwin is a Fetcher. With her Papa and blind twin brother, she travels the countryside, bringing joy, through song, acrobatics and story, to the downtrodden people. But, since her mama died, it's been hard to keep the joy alive. Fetchers have always been hunted by the Devouts for preserving the old ways. When the devious Brother Poosk captures her papa, Gwin must do her utmost to rescue him, whatever the cost. Finders keepers While playing a computer game, Patrick is transported into a parallel world and invited to participate in a TV game show.

Finn family Moomintroll It is spring in the valley and the Moomins are ready for adventure. Moomintroll and his friends Snufkin and Sniff, find the Hobgoblin's top hat, all shiny and new, and just waiting to be taken home. However, they soon realise that this is no ordinary hat.

1984 By George Orwell (3/3) Audiobook

It can turn anything, or anyone, into something else. Fire within, The When David moves in with Liz and Lucy, he discovers hand crafted, clay dragons that come to life and have magical powers. David's personal dragon inspires him to write a story about the adventures of their local squirrel population. First light Peter is thrilled to be going to Greenland where his father studies climate change.

But, on the ice cap, Peter is troubled by visions that both frighten and entice him. Thea has never seen the sun. Her people, suspected of witchcraft, retreated to a secret world deep within a glacier. I saw a look of haunted fright leap into Arabella's eyes, saw Dennis' pale face go paler as the strident whistle sounded shriller and more shrill; then, as it seemed I could endure the stabbing of that needle-sound no longer, it ceased abruptly, giving way to blessed, comforting silence.

And through the silence came a peal of chuckling laughter, half breathless, half hysterical, wholly devilish: I pronounce them man and wife," concluded Doctor Bentley, and de Grandin, ever gallant, kissed the bride upon the lips, and, before we could restrain him, planted kisses upon both of Dennis' cheeks. S o, then , little sinner, weep and wail for the burden of mortality that has befallen thee; weep, wail, cry and breathe, my little wrinkled one. Ha , you will not?

Are You an Author?

Pardieu , I say you shall! Gently, but smartly, Jules de Grandin spanked the small red infant's small red posterior with the end of a towel wrung out in hot water, and as the smacking impact sounded, the tiny, toothless mouth opened to its fullest compass, and a thin, high, piping squall of protest sounded. Look to him, Mademoiselle. She will gaze upon the little monkey-thing which I just caused to breathe the breath of life, and vow it is the loveliest of all God's lovely creatures. Cordieu , she will hold it at her tender breast and smile on it—she will——.

From the nursery where, ensconced in wire trays twenty new-born fragments of humanity slept or squalled, there came a sudden frightened scream—a woman's cry of terror. We raced along the corridor, reached the glass-walled room and thrust the door back, taking care to open it no wider than was necessary, lest a draft disturb the carefully conditioned air within the place.

Backed against the farther wall, her face gone gray with fright, the nurse in charge was staring at the skylight with horror-widened eyes, and even as we entered she opened her lips to emit another shriek. Oh"—she shuddered at the recollection—"it was awful! Not really a laugh, but something more like a long-drawn-out hysterical groan. Did you ever hear a child tickled to exhaustion—how he moans and gasps for breath and laughs, all at once? I think the fiends in hell must laugh like that! Then it came again, louder, this time, and seemingly right above me. I looked up at the skylight, and—there it was!

It was thin and wrinkled, and shriveled like a mummy, and its long, gray hair hung down across its forehead, and its eyes were yellow—like a cat's! I couldn't think before, but it seemed as if that bodiless head were laughing with a sort of evil triumph, Doctor de Grandin!

He turned to me, and: I shall request a special watch for the small Tantavul. I do not think that there is any danger, but—mice do not play where cats are wakeful. Arabella smiled and patted the small creature's back. Oh, I wish Uncle Warburg were alive; I know this darling baby would soften even his hard heart. He really wanted Dennis and me to marry, didn't he?

His will proved that. You think he wanted us to marry, Doctor? Your marriage was his dearest wish, his fondest hope," de Grandin answered solemnly. He was harsh and cruel to us while we were growing up, and preserved his stony-hearted attitude to the end, but underneath it all there must have been some hidden streak of kindness, some lingering affection for Dennis and me, or he'd never have put that clause into his will——".

The youthful mother started back as though he menaced her with a live scorpion, and instinctively her arms closed protectively about the baby at her breast. Oh, Doctor de Grandin, burn it. Don't let me see what's in it. It was a bright May morning, without sufficient breeze to stir the budding leaflets on the maple trees outside, but as de Grandin held the letter out I thought I heard the sudden rustle of a wind beyond the window, not loud, but shrewd and keen, like wind among the graveyard evergreens in autumn, and, curiously, there was a note of soft, malicious laughter mingled with it.

The little Frenchman heard it too, and for an instant he looked toward the window, and I thought I saw the flicker of an ugly sneer take form beneath the ends of his mustache. Ten twenty-dollar bills dropped on the coverlet. He kept you on the tenterhooks lest the message in this envelope were one of evil import, while all the time it was a present of congratulation. Amazingly, de Grandin halted in mid-stride and laughed until the tears rolled down his face.

D ennis tantavul regarded me with misery-haunted eyes. It's Arabella, and I'm dreadfully afraid that she——". He who acts as his own doctor has a fool for a patient, you know. This morning Arabella woke me up, crying as though her heart would break. I asked her what the trouble was, and she looked at me as if I were a stranger—no, not exactly that, rather as if I were some dreadful thing she'd suddenly discovered lying by her side.

Her eyes were positively round with horror, and when I tried to take her in my arms and comfort her she shrank away as though I were infected with the plague. Then she sprang out of bed, and drew her kimono about her as though she were ashamed to have me see her in pajamas, and ran sobbing from the room. Then she went suddenly limp in my arms, and I carried her, unconscious but moaning pitifully, into her sitting-room and laid her on the couch.

I left Sarah, the nurse maid, with her, giving strict orders not to let her leave the room till I returned. Can't you come over right away? De Grandin's cigarette had burned down till it threatened his mustache, and in his small, blue eyes was such a look of murderous rage as I had not seen for years. This is his doing, or Jules de Grandin is a lop-eared fool! Come, my friends, let us rush, hasten, fly; I would talk with Madame Arabella!

Was it not better so, after what you witnessed in the morning? Dennis looked about the pretty, chintz-hung room. The room was obviously the intimate apartment of the house. Electric lamps under painted shades were placed beside the big leather-upholstered chairs, ivory-enameled bookshelves lined the walls to a height of four feet or so, upon their tops was a litter of gay, unconsidered little trifles—cinnabar cigarette boxes, bits of hammered brass. Old china, blue and red and purple, glowed mellowly in cabinets of mahogany, its colors catching up and accentuating the muted blues and reds of an antique Hamadan carpet.

A Paisley shawl was draped scarfwise across the baby grand piano in the corner. Directly opposite the door a carven crucifix was standing on the bookcase top. It was an exquisite bit of Italian work, the cross of ebony, the corpus of old ivory, and so perfectly executed that, though it was a scant four inches high, one could note the tense, tortured muscles, the straining throat which overfilled with groans of agony, the brow all knotted and bedewed with the cold sweat of torment. Upon the statue's thorn-crowned head, where it made a bright, iridescent halo, was a band of gem-encrusted platinum, a woman's diamond-studded wedding ring.

T hree months went by, and though we kept the search up unremittingly, no trace of Arabella could be found. Dennis Tantavul installed a full-time, highly trained and recommended nurse in his desolate house, and spent his time haunting police stations and newspaper offices. He aged a decade in the ninety days since Arabella left; his shoulders stooped, his footsteps lagged, and a look of never-ending misery dwelt within his eyes as he trod his daily Via Dolorosa , a prematurely old and broken man.

We had gone over to New York for some surgical supplies, and I do not drive my car in the metropolis. Truck chauffeurs there are far too careless and repair bills for wrecked mudguards far too high. She was dressed in tawdry finery much the worse for wear. Sleazy silken skirt was much too tight, cheap fur jaquette far too short and snug; high heels of her satin slippers shockingly run over, make-up plastered on her cheeks and lips and eyes, and her short black hair fairly bristled with untidiness beneath the rim of her abbreviated hat.

Written unmistakably upon her was the nature of her calling, the oldest and least honorable profession known to womanhood. I would that we should follow her, but I do not wish that she should know. The neighborhood was far from savory, and I felt uncommonly conspicuous as we turned from Forty-second Street into Eleventh Avenue in the wake of the young strumpet, followed her provocatively swaying hips down two malodorous blocks, finally paused as she went in the doorway of a filthy, unkempt "rooming-house.

With de Grandin in the lead, stepping softly as a pair of cats, we trailed the woman through the dimly lighted, barren hall and up a flight of shadowy, uncarpeted stairs. We climbed two further flights, the last one letting into a sort of little oblong foyer bounded on one end by the stair-well, on the farther extremity by a barred and very dirty window, and on each side by two sets of sagging, paint-blistered doors. On each of these was pinned a card, handwritten with the many flourishes dear to the chirography of the professional card-writer who still does business in the poorer quarters of our great cities.

The air was heavy with the odor of cheap whisky, stale bacon and fried onions. We made a hasty circuit of the hall, studying the cardboard labels. On the farthest door the notice read Miss Sieglinde. The only Sieglinde I remember is the character in Wagner's Die Walkure who unwittingly became her brother's mistress and——". Let us enter, if you please. The woman sat upon the bed, her hat pushed backward from her brow, a cracked and dirty tumbler in one hand, a whisky bottle poised above it.

Crossing the room in two quick strides he seized the cringing woman by the shoulders and turned her face up to the window.

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I looked, and felt a sudden swift attack of nausea. Thin to emaciation, her face already lined with the deep-bitten scars of dissipation, the woman on the bed was Arabella Tantavul, though the shocking change wrought in her features and the black dye in her hair had disguised her so I never would have recognized her. Ah, that's where you're mistaken, Doctor. I can never see him again, in this world or the next. Please, please, go away and forget you found me, or I'll have to drown myself—I've tried it twice already, but my courage failed.

But if you try to take me back, or tell Dennis that you saw me——". H er faded brown eyes widened. I think there is a way out of your difficulties. I woke up about midnight, thinking I heard a cry from Dennie's nursery. I rose to go to him, and when I reached the room where he was sleeping I saw my uncle's face glaring at me through the window.

It seemed to be illuminated by a sort of inward, hellish light, for it stood out against the darkness like a jack-o'-lantern, and it smiled an awful smile at me. The man you married is your brother, and the child you bore is doubly illegitimate. You can't continue living with them, Arabella. That would be an even greater sin than the one you have committed. You must leave them; leave them right away, or'—once more his lips crept back until his teeth were bare—'or I shall come to visit you each night, and when the baby has grown old enough to understand, I'll tell him of his parents' sin.

Take your choice, my dear. Leave them and let me go back to my grave in peace, or stay and see me every night, and know that I will tell your son when he is old enough to understand. And if I do it he'll loathe and hate you for the things you are, and curse the day you bore him. I tried to kill my baby, and when Dennis stopped me I watched my chance to run away, came over to New York and took to this. Look in my eyes, Madame! She raised her eyes to his, and I saw his pupils widen, as a cat's do in the dark, saw a line of white outline the cornea, and, responsive to his piercing gaze, beheld her brown eyes set in a fixed stare, first as though in fright, then with a glaze-almost like that of death.

You have suffered greatly, but you are about to rest. Your memory of that night is gone; so is all memory of all things which have occurred since. You will move and eat and sleep as you are bidden, but of what takes place until I bid you wake you will retain no recollection. Do you hear me, Madame Arabella? Lie down, my little poor one. Lie down, rest and dream; dream happy dreams of love. Sleep, rest; dream and forget. None shall be the wiser. This chapter in her life is closed and sealed for ever.