Sea of Regret (Kate Dalton Suspense Novels Book 2)

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Sea of Regret (Kate Dalton Suspense Novels Book 2) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Sea of Regret (Kate Dalton Suspense Novels Book 2) book. Happy reading Sea of Regret (Kate Dalton Suspense Novels Book 2) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Sea of Regret (Kate Dalton Suspense Novels Book 2) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Sea of Regret (Kate Dalton Suspense Novels Book 2) Pocket Guide. The threats, it transpires, come from closer to home than Evie suspects, although her son Paul is a very small cog in a very large, powerful and totally unscrupulous organisation and fast comes to realise that he is in way over his head and is totally out of his depth. The tension and threats build and build, like a pressure cooker just waiting to explode and the showdown, when it finally arrives, is almost the literal end-game for all of them.

Sea of Regret (2nd in a series)

Trapped and seemingly at the mercy of their unknown enemy, they are all forced to face their own mortality very quickly and decisions made in a split second of time, may have far reaching consequences. Carolyn sustains the tension and suspense with total authority, right until the very last second, when action from an unexpected source helps to save the situation and redefine everyones lives for the future. My only observations might be: And why was Paul allowed off the hook quite so easily, after all the bloodshed and sorrow he had caused? Jan 05, Connie rated it it was amazing. Sequel to Uncertain Refuge Even tho the work was hard, they still found time for family fun and also to continue the romance between Kate and Jackson.

But land developers have decided they want Evie's land and they will do anything they can to get it - by starting rumors of rabies, cutting of their utilities and even kidnapping! But so far, they have m Sequel to Uncertain Refuge But so far, they have managed to keep the wildlife reahab running to protect sick and injured animals of the area.

This is a great romantic thriller that has many twists and turns as they try to figure out who the developers are and what they will do next.

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Should they sell the land before someone gets seriously hurt or even killed? Or should they continue to stay and fight?

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Even tho this is a sequel it is still a good stand alone read. Another great book by Ms. Rose and I can't wait to see what's in store next! I received a copy of this book from the author hoping I would review it. Dec 29, Mike Lundergan rated it it was amazing. I have read all of Carolyn J. Sea of Regret, sequel to Uncertain Refuge, is a wonderful follow-up that keeps the reader engaged throughout the book. I think what makes this book along with the rest of her books so compelling and readable beyond her strong story lines, is her character development.

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I become so involved with each character that I feel what they feel and fear what they fear. Sea of Regret is no exception.

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I love Kate and Jackson and their developing relationship. My only concern about Ms. Pat Guerber rated it liked it May 05, Patricia Manion rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Linda Frost rated it liked it Nov 25, The question of why the boy's mother is soon resolved when Kate hires a PI to look for her. The dead ex-con husband has a half-brother and he's hell-bound to finish the job on the mother and take the boy back to the father's drunken, abusive family. This book reads like women's fiction, thick with beautifully written atmosphere, a deeply introspective protagonist with incredibly well developed secondary characters.

The ending is perfect, and remarkable in that there was not the over-the-top violence.

I'm going back for more Carolyn J Rose books, they're terrific at any price. Kate Dalton's job running a women's shelter brings moments of fear, drama, and sometimes scrutiny.

When a battered wife's ex-husband shows up one day, wielding a knife and threatening both of their lives, the outcome jeopardizes not only Kate's livelihood, but her whole way of life. Turning away from this life, she strikes out, heading from Arkansas to the West Far away from everything repugnant about the job and hoping to discover something new.

Sea of Regret (Kate Dalton)

But a stopover in Grassy Ridge, Oklahoma, at the request of the battered wife Amanda Blake, leads to an unexpected detour of another kind. Amanda's plea that Kate take her son with her arouses the kind of angst Kate has always tried to avoid. So as she leaves Grassy Ridge with Amanda's ten-year-old son Way-Ray in tow, Kate is very uncertain of what the future holds. But upon her arrival on the coast of Oregon, events unfold and anchor Kate and Way-Ray to a new community and new dreams. I loved the poignancy of this story of battered bodies and souls; I enjoyed Kate's dilemma, as she struggled against the constant childhood tapes playing out in her head, warning against risks; and I was totally captivated by how the growing bond between Kate and Way-Ray catapulted her into the kind of life and connections she had always feared.

Sometimes what we fear the most is just what we need. I highly recommend this story for anyone who loves the unexpected discoveries in life that come from a place of uncertainty and fear.

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It's a story for those who dream of righting life's wrongs So far this is my favorite read for this year. I cried, I laughed, I suffered, I was so involved with the characters I hated to leave them when the book ended. All I want is a sequel I want to go on with these people to more beautiful places and feel their emotions and see what happens in their future AND I want to watch Way-Ray grow up.

This is a different sort of book than my usual choices.

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A new exciting author for me. An Uncertain Refuge dragged me in immediately and didn't let go until the final resolution. Carolyn Rose characters felt so real that I found myself getting caught up in their lives, especially their struggles to survive violent bullies and their own pasts. I especially enjoyed her ability to bring a diverse collection of characters, women, men and a difficult child, to life. If you bring this book to the beach be sure to put the sun screen on before opening, because you aren't going to want to put it down.

Couldn't put it down!

Carolyn Rose writes a poignant story about love and learning to face change head-on. A gifted writer, Rose takes a hard subject and develops a gripping, action-packed novel full of great characters, situations and dialogue. Her metaphoric writing is a joy to read. This book starts from the beginning to draw you into the characters, I had a difficult time putting the book aside.

I wanted to know what happens next because it was filled with action and suspense. Carolyn Rose is definitely one of my new favoritre authors. It is the first book I have read of hers. If I start a book and it is slow moving I lose patience and drag my feet in finishing. Think I finished it in 2 days. Sat up till 3am on a work night with a pot of coffee to finish it.

I think it would make a great movie if it was as close to the book as possible. One person found this helpful. See all 35 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 year ago.

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