The Bent Pyramid

Dashur: Bent Pyramid of Sneferu
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General Bent Pyramid Facts This was reduced to 55 degrees and the base was enlarged. Finally, when the pyramid was almost forty-five meters high, the slope was reduced again to forty-five degrees.

There are two main theories regarding the change in angle of the slope of the pyramid. The first theory suggests that the angle was reduced when Sneferu realised that his pyramid at meidum was already beginning to collapse and decided that this was because the angle was too steep.

Egypt Bent Pyramid Facts

The second theory is that Sneferu decided that building works were taking too long, perhaps due to his advancing age, and he decided to reduce the angle to reduce the quantity of masonry required to finish the pyramid. The fact that Sneferu went on to build at least one more pyramid the Red Pyramid after the Bent Pyramid make this latter theory unlikely. However, it is sometimes proposed that the unique design of the pyramid was planned from the start for some yet unknown religious purpose, but this theory is rejected by most experts. The pyramid complex was surrounded by an enclosure wall formed from yellowish-grey local limestone.

Within this wall sit the main pyramid, a satellite pyramid, a small mortuary temple and a small courtyard from which the causeway led out towards the valley temple. The Bent Pyramid is unique in having two entrances. The first entrance is on the north face around twelve meters above ground level.

Bent Pyramid

From there a passage descends to a horizontal passage leading to a large antechamber lined with huge limestone slabs and featuring a corbelled roof. At the far end of the antechamber a steep stairway or ladder leads up to the main burial chamber which also has a corbelled roof. A short corridor leads out of the burial chamber to the south west where it meets a vertical shaft known as the "chimney" which is aligned with the vertical axis of the pyramid. The second entrance is on the west face around one meter marginally above ground level.


The Bent Pyramid is an ancient Egyptian pyramid located at the royal necropolis of Dahshur, approximately 40 kilometres south of Cairo, built under the Old. The year old Bent Pyramid in Egypt is one of the best ways that modern architects can learn about how to build a stable, long-lasting.

A descending corridor with two portcullis barriers leads to a corbelled upper chamber which is cut into the masonry of the pyramid itself. The remains of large cedar beams were found in openings in the south wall of this chamber and part of the chamber was filled with rough masonry some of which was bound with mortar. Although the body of Sneferu has not been found and may have been disposed long ago by thieves, few experts believe that Sneferu was buried in this pyramid.

Most believe that he was buried in the next pyramid to be built to the north, now called the Red Pyramid. The Bent pyramid is unusual in that it sports two entrances. One entrance was on the north side, as is typical of all other pyramids.

Introduction - Bent Pyramid

In this picture you can see the north entrance which has recently been fitted with a metal door. On the west side you can see the other entrance which, due to its distance from the ground and intact casing around the opening, does not yet require a door.

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The south side contains the smaller subsidiary pyramid which was possibly intended for the kings wife, Queen Heterpheres. Other experts say that the subsidiary pyramids served other purposes and so far their true purpose remains elusive. This smaller auxiliary pyramid still retains some of its original limestone casing at the base.

Bent Pyramid Of Egypt: Intentional Design Of 12,000 Years Ago

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The Bent Pyramid at Dahshur, Egypt

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Most believe that he was buried in the next pyramid to be built to the north, now called the Red Pyramid. The second theory is that Sneferu decided that building works were taking too long, perhaps due to his advancing age, and he decided to reduce the angle to reduce the quantity of masonry required to finish the pyramid. The Bent Pyramid — slope angle: The lower courses of the pyramid were built at an angle of 54 to 55 degrees, but the upper courses at a lower angle of 43 degrees, giving it the unique shape which has led to its modern name. From the entrance in the north face, a descending passage connects with a short horizontal corridor which in turn leads to an ascending passage terminating in a small chamber with a vaulted corbelled roof which some have suggested formed the inspiration for the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid of Giza built by his son Khufu. The burial chamber is accessible from a descending corridor with its entrance located 1. The connecting passage referenced above enters the passage between the two portcullises.

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