The Ancient Alien Question

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Full Cast and Crew. Philip Coppens, star of the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" series reveals an array of astonishing truths about our history, including a radically different understanding of the pyramids Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below. His research is thorough and he addresses each topic with a balanced overview that cuts through the jungle of confusion with a very sharp machette of reason. Philip Coppens is just this person.

In The Ancient Alien Question , Coppens breaks the intellectual sound barrier and offers his readers a well-researched, and well-written book that challenges this last taboo of the human adventure. Definitely a not-to-be-missed book! There is really no conclusions in the book, yes I know that is because there is no refutable evidence. However a little insight into his personal opinion would have been appreciated.

In essence I feel like a spent several days reading a book with no point. Here is opinion A and here is opinion B, blah,blah, blah. Leaving me feel as though I really didn't learn anything at all. I have however been introduced to some new ideas and subjects to look into.

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To borrow his quote, we ARE the aliens. At first glance, the art is outstanding. And that the blueprints for Khufu's pyramid were passed on to the Egyptians so they could build it and talk. It uses specific plants, which have to be brewed for more than a day. But what I know is that the Ancient Alien Question has to be asked again today, for there are millions of people out there who want an answer. Mark Childer's Technology of the Gods was a good counterpart for this book. A fun read on all of the intriguing and baffling structures and artifacts that defy explanation.

Jan 14, Neida rated it it was amazing Shelves: Where this book excels where others lack, is in the impartiality of the facts presented. Each argument for and against is laid out to the reader. While Phillip Coppens concludes with giving us his opinion, he nevertheless leaves it to his readers to make their own conclusions. Meticulously researched and extremely well written. The field would greatly benefit from more researchers like Mr. Jan 29, Alicia rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is horrible that he was taken from us so soon but his work will continue.

This book was better than any of the other "Ancient Alien" type books that I have read because it was much more balanced and truly pointed out the bogus from the possible. Excellent read for anyone interested in this topic. Apr 08, Emma-Rose rated it liked it.

This book was not as entertaining as the TV show is, and without the guy with the crazy hair it wasn't the same. It also did not appear to come to the same conclusions but I read it for the sake of entertainment. It does more to suggest that the ancients may have been more knowledgeable and had more ingenuity than we originally thought.

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Sep 14, Sandrus rated it it was amazing. Best book I have read on this topic, the author is very serious and sincere about the material he presents - showing the different opinions that exist about the wide range of evidence presented by the Ancient Alien proponents. It is a great loss to the Ancient Alien investigation that he passed away this young. Jul 30, Gerard J. Medvec rated it really liked it.

The Ancient Alien Question

Logic-driven look at the most important phenomenon of all time. Nov 06, Suresh Ramaswamy rated it really liked it. Philip Coppens adduces evidence of alien help in various constructions, events, etc. In a large number of cases, he states that the evidence available only shows that the engineering and scientific knowledge of our ancestors was far beyond what science, anthropology and history was available to the civilizations.

The logical conclusion, that can be inferred is that our ancestors had the help from some advanced lost civilization, but can it be inferred that they were aliens ETs — the answer is inconclusive. He had the body of a fish, but underneath the figure of a man — he was, by all accounts, nonhuman. He guided the Indian Noah Swayambhu Manu and his companions and all the animals, birds etc.

Oanes is mentioned in this book. It is simply impossible for someone to have accidentally stumbled upon how to make ayahuasca: It uses specific plants, which have to be brewed for more than a day. In short, someone told the shamans how to concoct this alchemical potion. Ayahuasca should therefore be described as technology — chemical in nature — that aids humankind in establishing contact with an alien intelligence.

Then, in the middle of the 19th century when the first European settler, a French priest named Eugene Eyraud, arrived on Easter Island, he made it his mission to burn as many of the native rongo rongo tablets as he could. There are clear parallels between what McKenna and Imhotep received. There are hundreds of passages in the sacred literature of every ancient civilization that speak of contact with nonhuman intelligences. In the case of Oannes, even the likes of Carl Sagan felt that the evidence was in — that this could only be explained as contact with a physical extraterrestrial entity.

For some, these accounts will not be enough. The key here is the consensus reality: It is a basic human right that any individual has the freedom to believe what he or she wants. And so it is my hope — my wish — that in these pages, I have laid out the nature and complexity of the Ancient Alien Question in such a way that you have the necessary building blocks that will allow you to decide whether you believe. I have shown you the process as to why I believe the answer is yes.

But what I know is that the Ancient Alien Question has to be asked again today, for there are millions of people out there who want an answer. Jan 03, Eric Wojciechowski rated it really liked it. Interesting thing about this book is that, for myself, after a fifteen year hiatus in the Ancient Astronaut Theory, there is not much new information here than back then. In other words, if you were in the thick of it in the s, there's not much here for you. However, with that said, there is enough new in it to recommend it if you're interested in this sort of thing.

He isn't Interesting thing about this book is that, for myself, after a fifteen year hiatus in the Ancient Astronaut Theory, there is not much new information here than back then. He isn't a cheerleader for the sake of pushing this fun and fascinating theory. If the facts aren't there, he says so. An example is his analysis of Zecharia Sitchin. He calls him out. Not a runaway for airships, but more likely a runway for shaman spirit journeys and the like.

William Bramley and his Gods of Eden stirring humanity into conflict hypothesis? More like fabrication or unintentionally giving the information to the Dogon and being surprised to hear it repeated back. And those pyramids on both sides of the Atlantic? Not tombs, and I've always agreed with this conclusion. The tomb-theory lacks evidence. They weren't built to house a corpse. They were built and used for rituals of the kings to keep in communication with the gods. See this book for details but what we're dealing with are shamanic experiences, not actual contact. Some locals have claimed to have personally been in the library which resides underground somewhere in Ecuador.

I had the opportunity in , during the Ancient Astronaut Society's 20th annual convention, to ask Von Daniken about the cave and he was adamant he was there.

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Not in the metal library, but one of the caves in the area. And that's the last I, personally, bothered to look into it. Jump forward to this book. Coppens shows that Von Daniken probably did not lie. He was shown a cave with some man-made construction. He was only told about the alleged library.

And since , more research has gone into it including a team involving of all people, Neil Armstrong. But the main players have all since passed away without finding it. So regarding the library, the jury really is still out on this one. I'm in agreement with Coppens that a proper investigation and field survey should be conducted regarding this metal library.

But until that happens, it isn't evidence. The metal library is just a legend. We have another legend of golden metal tablets allegedly found by Joseph Smith in upper state New York that he claimed the Angel Moroni allowed him to see and dictate the Book of Mormon out of them. No one else has seen these tablets. Myths and legends of gods bringing civilization to human kind are anecdotal and do not count in science.

Every story carries as much weight as any other story if no evidence exists to back them up. For instance, the Sumerians had myths of gods who created humanity. But they also had myths that the first humans sprouted out of the ground like plants. Each has just as much evidence for being true which is zero. The present volume ends, concluding there was an alien intelligence that our ancestors were in contact with. Coppens offers a hypothesis that the contact was something like in the movie Contact.

And that the blueprints for Khufu's pyramid were passed on to the Egyptians so they could build it and talk. I, however, doubt this. Well, what did they talk about? Or how about any information of Einstein level brilliance our ancestors couldn't have possibly known? No, nothing in ancient literature, culture or otherwise suggests there was any knowledge the ancients themselves couldn't have come up with on their own.

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The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors [Philip Coppens, Erich von Daniken] on . The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors (Audible Audio Edition): Philip Coppens.

The advanced stone workings et al are impressive. And anything, any knowledge at all that came about through the use of hallucinogenic drugs is garbage. Coppens, citing other's work that it does, is flat wrong here. Bottom line for the present volume is that I walk away from the subject matter about the same place I. There's a lot of mystery left on the planet. But we can not verify any proof the aliens were here. This book is a great start for anyone interested in the theory. I just differ with the conclusions. We have yet to find anything more than points of interest and at best can say, "well, maybe they were here".

But until more outstanding evidence surfaces, it's just not something we're going to start teaching in the schools. Jun 24, Jim N rated it really liked it. Coppens builds his case well, presenting interesting, intriguing evidence to support the idea that humanity has been in contact with extraterrestrial intelligences in the past while also pointing out problems with some of the evidence presented in support of this premise in the past. It seems clear from this book that while Coppens is frequently seen on the popular Ancient Aliens TV series, he is more level-headed than some of the other researchers on the show.