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click here I fully expect the pugs will find some way to pay me back for this, but in the meantime, I shall smile and laugh and repeat these words in my head….

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I would not like this here or there. I would not like it anywhere. I do not like my winter hat. Advertisements Share the Pug Love: Tagged as black pug , crochet , dog , dog clothes , dog rescue , dogs , fawn pug , friends , pug , pugalug , pugs , winter. Look at those despairing little faces. Mr Wicked, the amateur Eater of Socks, would take care of those hats for them in short order.

He might be getting a phone call from these two in short order, KV. If you pick up the phone and hear some weird, heavy breathing, put Mr. I had a horrible night, feel like crap, and then saw this almost as soon as I turned on my computer.

The Pug Who Wanted to Be a Unicorn

Lola, you might not appreciate the hats, but you just helped make my day so much better. Mama says she shares my adventures because I make people smile, so I guess my hat suffering was okay.

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At least I had Mocha and Peggy for company this time! They may even wear their hats, in your honour! I would be so honoured, Candace!

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Lola Pug will undoubtedly pull them to the side for a little gripe session. Thank you for sharing your angels with us! NONE of her shoes will be safe now! The hats are priceless!


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My pugs would absolutely knock them right off. She shed, snored, sneezed and grunted like there was no tomorrow, and her halitosis could make you faint.

I make stuff!

Frankly, I could not have found any of these qualities more endearing than I already did — she was my stinky pug and I loved her for it. He was so enthused with her when she moved aboard that he made a video or two about it. Peggy Lou , the pirate. Musings of a Pirate's Potomac River Wench.

Peggy The Pug

Then my wonderful brand new husband graced me with the best new a pug lover could ever hear: I give you a montage of my Cray-Cray family, a-la summer ! We went to the pool to 'babysit' my brothers.

Adventure awaits you

Teaching da Mama how to use a camera - for the th time, tipsy. Letting Peggy swim free in the Great Lakes.

Fun in the sun. But all of Peggy's attempts to turn into a unicorn go hilariously wrong. From knocking over the Christmas tree to getting lost in the snow and accidentally stealing the show at the nativity play, Peggy remains a pug. How will she ever find a forever home if she can't change who she is? An Underwater Dogs Adventure.

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