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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online City Vamps file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with City Vamps book. Happy reading City Vamps Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF City Vamps at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF City Vamps Pocket Guide. Yes, there is a hot tub. And, we learn that vampire men can be a little metrosexual. Darcy passed one group, noting the heavy makeup and clothes that showed too much skin. Whatever happened to manly men? She turned to check out the females instead. They just want to sparkle! There are lots of fun mishaps on the reality show and lots of laughs in the book. It's a cute, cheesy, silly series and I love it. View all 6 comments. Apr 13, Dinjolina rated it it was amazing Shelves: People did not seem to like this book as much as the other Love at stake series.

In this day and age a lot of people love to watch reality shows. This particular vampire show made me shed laughter tears all over the place.

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And this book bored me to tears. And I was sick with the way ms. The vampyres in this novel follow all the old rules except being soulless and having to kill their victims. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I'm really enjoying this series.

I love the humor in these books! Her scream was cut off whe People did not seem to like this book as much as the other Love at stake series. Her scream was cut off when the chair landed on her head. De fingernail bent backward! I was one the floor myself after this. Doubled over from laughing. But other then the humor this was a complex book. I loved how Austin watched her old videos, or how Darcy hated it all, hated Connor…I even loved the things that happened in the background with Vanda and Maggie. Aside from the synthetic blood we now have getting back to being human, paranormal babies and daytime drugs!

And I can completely see how it could be done. The author know what she is talking about! And like a little cherry on top, again in the background, we have our introduction to Emma, a plot part revolving around the Stake out team, their dynamics and the subplot whit the Malcontents. All in all a book worth reading. And a series you are sure to love. Sep 28, Yodamom rated it liked it Shelves: Audiobook- Cute fun story, light humor, light drama, extra cheese. I like this series there is a sense of fun that you don't find with many paranormal romance reads.

It's a perfect audiobook for those long drives, walks What happened when humans are sneaked onto the Sexiest Man in the Universe which is supposed to have only vampire contestants? Will the sexiest man be human? No, it is impossible, just ask the vampires. Yes, Audiobook- Cute fun story, light humor, light drama, extra cheese. Yes, their egos are overinflated. Well, what about when vampire slayers sneak in and infiltrate the show? They are vile horrible creatures, wait no the vampires are vile, or well crisp who is the big bad?

Romantic, Westside Story love, with nasty family action, evil blood suckers and well aged ladies. I have one complaint, the narration was very good for most of it but a few of the voices. A couple sounded like old time smokers who had spent their life in a dirty bar. A vast improvement on the first in the series, I'm glad I kept reading.

Fun and slightly surprising. PRN books have become a little predictable. Boy meets mortal, mortal falls in love with vampire, vampire can't live without mortal. Isn't that the best picture ever? Normally, I want to shake the crap out of the mortal. But there's always a HEA, and that makes me happy. I liked this story. First because the female vampire wasn't completely pathetic. She hates being a vampire, A vast improvement on the first in the series, I'm glad I kept reading. She hates being a vampire, but she's not completely whiny about it.

She actually gets to know the main character kinda before declaring her love. It's a good read. I'm on to the next. This was quite a disappointing follow-up to How to marry a millionaire vampire! I really enjoyed the first book in the series but this book proved very cheesy and the heroine's constant whining was really annoying. The book also lacked the inventiveness and humor of the first installment. I think that what disappointing me most is the ending of the book and the choice made by Darcy I definitely hope the third book in the series Be still my vampire heart is better than this one!

May 30, Liz F rated it it was ok. This one only got 2 stars from me. I just didn't really care for it. But since I didn't hate it, I didn't give it 1 star. In this book, Darcy Newhart is the focus. In book 1, she was less than a bit player. In fact, I could barely remember her. I had to go on Kerrelyn Sparks' website to remember who and what she was. Here, she is lacking purpose and is very bored. I wasn't sure if she was a vamp Vamps and the City is the second book in the Love at Stake series from Kerrelyn Sparks.

I wasn't sure if she was a vampire or not she is. She's part of Roman's displaced harem but she's a modern woman and wants to DO something. She convinces the scumbag of a station manager to let her be the director for a new show. A dating reality show. But she comes up with her own twist. She will get the displaced harem women to be judges. Vampires think they're so superior anyways; it might do them good to be taken down a notch or two, by NOT being voted Sexiest Man.

Somewhere along the way, the competition becomes a way for the harem to choose their new "Master". One of the mortals that apply for the dating show is Austin Erickson. He's on the Stake Out detail. As we learned in Book 1, the Stake Out detail is a small group from the CIA who are aware of vampires' existence and are fighting to kill them all. He gets sent in to the auditions, undercover, and gets accepted.

Along the way, he falls in love with Darcy. Darcy falls in love with him. And that's all fine and wonderful. But I, for one, did not connect with the characters at all. Here I am, reading a paranormal romance novel. Presumably, I'm reading it because I like the paranormal elements: But Darcy doesn't want to be a vampire. Austin dislikes vampires at first. So why am I reading this??? Oh and how wonderful, it works on Darcy! She and Austin can be together, as humans! By the end of the book, Austin of course realizes that not ALL vampires are bad.

There are the good, normal ones and there are the evil ones, dubbed "Malcontents". He and Darcy end up working for a company that works for the vampires, trying to find the original Malcontent that everyone thought was destroyed a long time ago. Yeah, because having two normal humans with no extra gifts chase after vampires is gonna work out so well. So I didn't love this book. But maybe books are like music albums: I'll do one more of this series but if it isn't good, I won't be reading any more of them.

I love to read but I don't love reading things that bore me.

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And this book bored me to tears. Oct 08, Alexandria Tale rated it it was ok Shelves: Their romance didn't convince me at all. The first one because of the overuse of "I love you". I was sick of it.


It seems they proclaimed their love in every page until I found it became a cheap thing. The second one was the fact that they were not in love, but in lust. There was no friggin' way they loved each other when they spent so little time together at the beginning of their confession. And I was sick with the way ms. Sparks tried to convince us, readers, 2.

Sparks tried to convince us, readers, the opposite. What's more, at the beginning of his discovery of Darcy being a vampire, he was awfully disgusted by it. But the next thing I knew was he was head over heels for her. That was freaking impossible, I'd say. Darcy also had her own flaw. She hated Connor so much that I thought she had a really good reason for that. But you know what I found?

She hated him because he "saved" her from the edge of death by changing her into a vampire. Did she prefer to be dead instead? Then she could just killed herself. Well, I might sound insensitive and rude, but that was because I didn't see a need why she hated the poor man so. And the last thing was the humor. It was so freaking off!

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It was nowhere near the first book level. It was like ms. Sparks didn't know where to stand, so she chose being in the middle, which was one bad choice, because it felt like a half attempt. Dec 28, Monica rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the second book in the Love at Stake series. I read the first one on an all night work shift I love the depth Sparks brings to her characters, how you can actually see them caught between disaster and happiness and longing and pain. I love Darcy and Austin, they are adorable together, now I am ready to see Connor get his girl.

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I am a bit annoyed that Darcy couldn't see past her anger to not blame Connor so much, he just wanted to try a This is the second book in the Love at Stake series. I am a bit annoyed that Darcy couldn't see past her anger to not blame Connor so much, he just wanted to try and help and she is always, well, not very nice to him. I do have to say the ending is a bit predictable, not the end end, but the climax, it is pretty predictable, not complaining though, it is still a very good story.

There is a sufficient amount of steam in this book I'd say somewhere between the first book in this series and the third Anita Blake. I enjoyed this book and will continue to enjoy it as well one my favorites I think. Oct 11, Sarah Marie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I like it well enough. I do like the bat on the window… or outside? Jan 28, Danielle Book Boss rated it liked it Shelves: So I didn't hate this book. Did I think this book was LOL funny? More like "Oh, that's cute" cue the small smile.

She got really hot and cold at that point about her relationship with Austin and it became really annoying. Other than that she was strong, indepedent, but also likable aside from her whiny "Woe is me, I'm a So I didn't hate this book. Other than that she was strong, indepedent, but also likable aside from her whiny "Woe is me, I'm a vampire" Waaa Waaa Waaa Other than that she was an enjoyable character who had some real feelings and insecurities. The side characters were interesting as well. At first the harem ladies got on my nerves but then I think about them dressed in their traditional garb and can only imagine how that looks.

I think Maria Consuela's constant references to the Spanish Inquisition were funny. Also her references about everything being evil. A smooth talker who ended up catching feelings basically but I didn't totally believe at first. Eventually I think but like I said it took a while.

I guess his team would be classified as Human Supremacists. They hate all vampires regardless of individual background. Happy to see he jumped ship but I just couldn't stand him at first. I didn't like the way the romance developed so fast. I mean really fast. One minute they fantasizing about all things sexual and the next they talking about marriage. What part of the game is that? Overall Iwould continue this series however Im not inclined to read these books close together. It would be a little too much fluff for me. Austin sudah jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama kpd Darcy, saat mengintai.

Austin sampai rela menyamar jadi kontestan "Lelaki Terseksi di Dunia" agar bisa mendekati Darcy. Austin boleh dibilang beruntung. Darcy juga jatuh hati dan memuja pada Austin. Sebegitu mabuk kepayangnya Austin sampai dia berkali-kali "menyangkal" bhw Darcy itu vampire, dan berkeras hati bhw Darcy adalah manusia. Nah ketika akhirnya Austin mengetahui kebenarannya, doi frustrasi dan patah hati. Darcy yg merasa diPHP dgn Austin mulai galau. Darcy memperingatkan Austin utk membuat dirinya tersisih sbg kontestan, demi karier Darcy juga. Tapi Austin selalu "ngeyel" sampai dirinya menjadi finalis.

Apakah Austin bisa memenangkan hati Darcy? Buku ini menawarkan parodi kocak bachelorette versi vampire. Author dgn lihay menggabungkan satire dari vampire-vampire wanita ex harem Ramon Draganesti yg gagal move on dgn reality show televisi, menyuguhkan joke-joke segar dan menggigit.

Mungkin saya tidak bisa lagi memandang penis tanpa mengingat istilah tamale, atau chocolate dgn istilah chocolood dsb banyak nambah kosakata benda2 aneh sejak membaca buku ini. Oya, terjemahan buku Dastan ini sangat bagus, menjadikan buku ini sangat enak dibaca dan mengalir ceritanya. Saya jadi terbawa suasana seandainya jadi salah satu juri utk memilih Master baru yg tampan, banyak uang dan tentu saja SEXY. May 16, Insidious rated it liked it. Austin was such jerk it made it hard for me to enjoy the story.

Frankly, I liked the nonromance parts of the book much better because I wasn't grinding my teeth over Austin's attitude. He just was not an admirable hero at all. And she wanted to change who she was to m Ugh. All in all, I don't think they were right for each other. Their love just wasn't believable to me.

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Did you notice their attraction was purely physical? They knew next to nothing about each other. I'd love to read more about the other women in the harem and see what they do next. Dec 07, valee rated it liked it Shelves: I really enjoy reading it, but I can't say that I adored it. I mean, the story is really nice and the book is a very interesting, funny, quick read.

Nevertheless, I can't enjoy this books as much as I do others more serious. Comedy is nice, but makes me not take the book as serious as I take other prn romances. Even Lynsay Sand's books were a bit more mature and with a more developed plot than this ones. Maybe the problem is that the word that describes these books is "cheesy". I like them, I really enjoy reading it, but I can't say that I adored it. I like them,Don't get me wrong. I enjoyy reading this kind of books every once in a while, that's why I'm reading the series, it's just that every time I finish this books I have the feeling that they could have been so much better if some kind of things wouldn't have happened.

But the stories are really good and the romance is great. And I'll definitely keep reading them for sure. View all 3 comments. Oct 08, Nanou rated it it was ok Shelves: Le bachelor version vampire xD Feb 18, Holjo rated it liked it. Darcy Newhart used to be part of Roman Draganesti's vampire harem. This meant that she lived in Roman's home and never had to worry about working or taking care of herself.

Most of the harem was perfectly content with this arrangement, but Darcy is a modern woman and she desperately missed her human life. So when Roman fell in love with Shanna in How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, and then freed his harem to make their own lives, Darcy was thrilled. There aren't a lot of job options for Summary: There aren't a lot of job options for single vampire women, but Darcy's TV experience in the human world provided her with an opportunity to interview with the local vampire television station. The judges are the remaining women from Roman's dispersed harem, giving them all an opportunity to make choices for themselves for the first time in their lives.

To everyone's surprise, Darcy throws in a twist at the last minute - the male contestants are a mix of vampires and humans. Austin Erickson was just cast on Darcy's new show as one of the human male contestants. He isn't there for the women or the money, Austin is there on a reconnaissance mission for the CIA vampire hunters. At first he was dreading the experience, but when he discovers that the producer is the same woman he was already infatuated with, he becomes far more interested in the show. He is absolutely convinced that Darcy is a human and somehow being held captive by the vampires against her will.

Darcy and Austin are both keeping secrets, and it is just a matter of time before they both know the truth. Can Austin still love Darcy when he discovers that she is a vampire? And can Darcy still love Austin when she discovers that he is a vampire hunter? This second installment in the Love at Stake Series didn't quite live up to the first book. There was still humor, particularly involving the harem's experiences with their new lives in the penthouse. But as a whole, the book did not have the humorous undertones that we experienced in How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire.

In fact, the two main characters didn't seem to have much of a sense of humor at all - not even ironically. Darcy was a bit of a Darcy-Downer throughout much of the book, and Austin was very serious. I missed the humor. Without it, the reality-TV storyline fell a little flat. As far as the romance, I really liked the concept of the vampire hunter falling in love with a reluctant vampire.

I liked seeing Austin try to convince himself that Darcy was human, and I liked seeing him realize that the vampires are not all evil. I was never quite sure why he fell so hard for Darcy though, other that her physical appearance. It seemed like he fell for the human Darcy he had seen in her in old news footage from when she had been a reporter, but the current Darcy isn't the same happy, cheerful personality. I also wasn't totally on board with how this romance is resolved in the end. Granted, it is not something I've seen done before, so it gets some points for creativity.

I just though it was way too easy. On the positive side, this book closed up a few of the storylines that were left open at the end of the first book, such as Roman and Shanna's wedding and Shanna's father's reaction to the news that his daughter is marrying a vampire. I was glad to see that these things were not forgotten. I am also continuing to enjoy the presence of the Scottish Highlander vampires, and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series because it features the leader of the Scots, Angus McKay. I can't give this book more than an average rating, but I do plan to continue reading the series at this point.

If it goes back to the sense of humor that the first book had, I think it has a lot of potential. There are currently 12 Love at Stake books, so I'm hoping to find some gems in the series as it progresses. Aug 27, Lisa Sanchez rated it really liked it. He's a hunky spy with some serious psychic mojo. He's also got some kick ass telekineses going on. Sean's number one operative and the best man for the job, Austin goes undercover in a new vampire reality TV show, The Sexiest Man Alive. But then he meets Darcy Newhart, and his world is turned upside down. Austin is forced to take a good, hard look at his beliefs.

Maybe all vamps weren't bad. Darcy Newhart is a young vamp. Just four years into her vampire existence, she's bottle fed and a virgin when it comes to biting humans. Like the rest of her friends the good vamps she doesn't believe in harming humans and drinks synthetic blood. Turned against her will, she doesn't care for her life as a vampire and longs for daylight, warm sun and sandy beaches.

Producer for the new vamp reality show, The Sexiest man Alive, Darcy's finds her job hanging in the balance when she falls for Adam Austin one of the sexy contestants who she refers to as "The Sun God Apollo. I'm usually all about the hero and was looking forward to reading about one of the Scottish warriors like Conner or Angus. I'm happy to say that any reluctance I had in reading this story flew out the window in the first few pages. Darcy and Austin drew me in right away and I loved their story.

I particularly enjoyed the small moments we got to spend with the harem ladies. Stuck in different eras dependent on when they were turned, their odd speech and mannerisms provided endless laughter throughout the story. Can't wait to read the next installment! Mar 15, Natasha rated it liked it.

I'm really enjoying this series. Some are better than others, but I find I always enjoy Kerrelyn Sparks books. If your a fan of Lynsay Sands, then you should check out Sparks!

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Both guarantee a great, light read! I didn't read this series in order, like I usually would and should, but even though I didn't read it in order, I wasn't completely lost. Sure, you get more of a background on the characters if you rea Vamps and the City is the second novel in the Love at Stake series by Kerrelyn Sparks. Sure, you get more of a background on the characters if you read it in order, but it's not necessary. This time around we're dealing with Darcy Newhart and Austin Erickson.

Darcy is a Vampire and Austin is a Vampire slayer. This isn't your usual vampire and vampire slayer book though.. They both have strong feelings for each other, but can they make it work, even with the hate Austin has for Vampires? Vampires are evil right? But, in order to find out what that is you'll read to read this book for yourselves.

A while ago, when I was searching for simply Vampire Romance novels I bought this. I realize that is extremely picky so I settle for what the Goddess directs me towards. I prefer to focus on what I enjoy and want more of Vamps and the City by Keerelyn Sparks, is rather generic for vampire romance but it is positive and uplifting, so I was happy to read it; And for having purchased it. The world seems to be set in modern times but Ms. Sparks does very little to flesh out the world past it having vampires.

The vampires themselves are somewhat rigidly set according to the fictional rules set by Stoker's Dracula. Authors that create seemingly unique cryptology for vampires for their stories I find more interesting. Of course, very little is actually unique; Though a great deal is unique enough to my finite experience. The vampyres in this novel follow all the old rules except being soulless and having to kill their victims.

The antagonists are members of a black budget CIA covert affairs group that call themselves "Stake Out". Their motto is "the only good vampyre is a dead one". This being a romance story, of course there is more to the story. Except not much more. After finishing with reading the novel I realized that this is a second book in a series. So it is useful to note it is an abundantly self-contained story.

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Overly-so in my humble opinion; I was hoping for a story or two continuing Darcy and Austin's life. Though I am also grateful there is not for reasons that I should leave vague. The problem is a seemingly contrived and forced scene between Austin and Darcy that results in an unfortunate condition, unfortunate for my interest in a continnuing story that is.

And a second situation where 'friends' turn into brain dead idiots for purpose of moving the story a specific way. Writing a romance novel is something I have been researching.

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I understand the angst is part of a good romance story. However, this story goes beyond the pale with it.

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Sparks can even feel it because she left the happy-happy-joy-joy sex that typically in the fourth act, in the third act. It is extremely disoncerting to go backwards from reading declarations of unending everlasting love to more angst 'ohnoicant'. As I said, the novel is positive and hopeful so it is a fun and joyful read. Though perhaps I should focus on finding other stories from other authors and let Ms. Sparks advance a bit more. Of course, it is far easier to critique than to create so I am far from intending any conceited superiority from me. I just know a few things on what I like.

Weaker book than book one but this one was hysterical twist on how vampire would live life if they lived in today's world. This books theme vampire reality T V version of the Bachlor ets! Writer takes abit of do not let something stand in the way of a good story at time.

Which derails reader from story Am I picky yes I am reading to get lost in the world you weave.. So when bad curve ball leave a reader thinking this made no sense.. Do love some the one liners Interesting idea on the use of blocking scent of humans so vampires can not tell human from vamp. Also just like people some Vampires get stuck in how the dress and act from there time period. An you think grannies who dress bad is wrong See all reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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Directed by Dennis Devine. With Jade Brandais, Heather Howe, Danielle Motley, Noelle Perris. A sexy, bloody, vampire spoof of the infamous Sex and the City. Start by marking “Vamps and the City (Love at Stake, #2)” as Want to Read: Originally posted at The Book Nympho VAMPS AND THE CITY by Kerrelyn Sparks was another fun and light listen. I liked the second book in the Love at Stake series a little more than the first book.

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