China in the Next 30 Years

The Next Decade of China’s Transformation
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  • China: The Next 30 Years. China services segment will also experience more growth. Areas such as healthcare, education, information technology, finance, and culture and entertainment are already adapting to demographic and economic shifts.

Government and private investment are also expected to grow significantly in these sectors, reflecting the demands of an aging population, the growing market for high-tech skillsets and a wealthier, savvier consumer base. Indeed, only two other countries with a population of more than 20 million—Poland and South Korea—have achieved this feat in the past three decades. A lot can go wrong.

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The debt cycle may spin out. Unexpected headwinds, such as the recent increase in protectionism risks , may slow global growth. Referring to the benchmark index for global investors in China, Garner says: Institutional clients can ask their Morgan Stanley representative for the full report, or access it directly. Would you like to help us improve our coverage of topics that might interest you? Tell us about yourself.

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China: The Next 30 Years. The agenda Xi Jinping laid out at the 19th Party Congress promises radical change. Jin-Yong Cai of TPG Capital. Every five years, the Communist Party of China (CPC) convenes a National Congress, where two key decisions are made: who will lead China.

Improving prospects and low current valuations suggest that many old-school media stocks are now compelling investments. Eight years after being downgraded to a frontier market, Argentina seems poised for a turnaround, one that offers investors long-term opportunity and returns.

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With an improving economy, India looks set for significant growth in its real-estate market. Could it match China's development boom? A solder in a raincoat stands watch outside the Great Hall of the People during the opening ceremony of the 19th Party Congress in Beijing. We are front and centre of anything to do with China. How is that political theatre? Mr King said the President may be seeking to modernise his country in regards to infrastructure and technology, but his speech showed cause for concern. Indications showed the country was also going backwards when it came to internet freedom, free speech and the right to worship, he said.

Mr Xi made many nationalistic references during the speech. Clearly, there is a big difference between applying digital technologies to consumer-oriented business models and becoming a world leader in developing and producing hard technology. The latter goal will demand sustained investment of time, human capital and financial resources in sectors with long basic research and development cycles such as pharmaceuticals.

Why the US government sees China Mobile as a national security threat.

While China can accelerate progress by attracting creative talent and strengthening incentives for long-term research, there are no real short cuts when it comes to achieving the gradual shift from learning to innovating. Here, universities have a pivotal role to play, not only by training new scientific and technological talent, but also by conducting basic research. This means moving beyond the focus on increasing the sheer number of students and placing greater emphasis on quality of education.

None of this can happen overnight.

Indeed, as China learned from the failure of the Great Leap Forward in the s, a genuine economic transformation cannot — and therefore should not — be rushed. Skip to main content. Will China be the next tech powerhouse? Maybe with the next 20 years of sustained investment. Wednesday, 01 August, , 5: Wednesday, 01 August, , 9: Related topics China technology Made in China Technology.

Will China be the next tech powerhouse? Maybe with the next 20 years of sustained investment

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