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chainaid.co.uk/odd-true-tales-volume-1.php Highly recommended for all mature adult readers. This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review. Mar 30, Baya rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

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I liked the Felicity, but couldn't figure out if she was black or just dark. One minute she's described as having mocha skin, another time she's tanned. If she had been clearly black, I would've been impressed about the effort to diversify.

As it's not clear, the writers' skill is poor imo. I also liked Damien, but he was depicted as being so weak and scared; falling for the girl and then running away. Even though the initial conflict is actually really good, it could have been explored so much better. Realistically, Damien's brother's should have disowned him and disappeared. They had NO chance to get to know Facility properly and yet trusted her straight away, even though Damien's instant love behavior was indicative of a spell.

No wonder all their family died if that's how instantly they trust people! Could have been better. Dec 26, Melissa rated it it was ok. I will already say not a huge fan of multiples in the bedroom. I have the box set of 1NS's and for some reason this is in some.

Dragon Temptation

The entire start of this story of course reflected on a previous story with the characters that you only get bits and pieces of and that disappoints me because I would've liked to know the background and what was going on. Though you could sort of pick it up by little bits here and there still a quick synapsis would've been nice. It was all to cookie cutter. Not much de I will already say not a huge fan of multiples in the bedroom. Every time I started to like it one of the characters said something corny.

It was I'm so happy, I'm so sad, now I'm so happy, now I'm sad. I'm sorry, no I understand. May 20, Amanda Gard rated it it was ok Shelves: The beginning includes way too much drama stemming from another book. Considering I read this story in a collection, this does not endear me to the novella. I spent far too long trying to figure out what exactly was going on and what my feelings were about a person signing up for a second 1NS weird issue I know.

If you get past all that, there were some decent moments, but many were overshadowed by the ridiculously cheesy dialogue. SassySami rated it liked it Jun 28, Marie Brewer rated it it was amazing Jun 02, Sarah rated it it was ok Jun 07, Roxana rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Lisa rated it it was amazing Jul 03, Katie B rated it liked it Aug 19, Debbie Leon rated it liked it Sep 11, Tori Macallister rated it it was ok Aug 23, Margaret L rated it it was amazing Jul 25, Misty rated it it was ok Dec 31, Ana rated it it was ok Nov 14, Stina Madison rated it really liked it Jan 26, Leann Mallow rated it it was amazing Jan 09, Samantha rated it liked it Nov 27, Jessa Larsen rated it did not like it May 23, Becca Dale rated it really liked it Jun 28, Brenda Demko rated it liked it Jan 20, Bobbie rated it liked it Oct 16, Jane Wakely rated it really liked it Nov 24, Campbell rated it really liked it Sep 09, Melany rated it liked it Aug 16, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Terminal Lust 1Night Stand Book Given a death sentence by her doctor, Ambrosia Thatcher is a woman with little time and a single wish; to experience passion once more. Seeking answers to her unbearable paralysis at three thirty three, every single morning, the enlightenment she is offered from the ramblings of a crazy old gypsy holds no solace. The services of 1Night Savannah Teale has an obsession with the supernatural—to disprove it.

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Designing Passion 1Night Stand. Fifteen years ago, Tawny Reeve was in love, but her wealthy, jet-setting parents went to cruel lengths to separate her from her middle class lover. Emotionally barren, she despairs of ever finding love again. A friend sent her an email address with only a name in the subject line: Tawny doubts she is capable of a A smooth talker with the ladies, Luther Evans has all the right moves and all the wrong motives.

Swindling wealthy women and making shady business deals, he strings along his girlfriend with promises of commitment and a flashy diamond engagement ring, despite his playboy antics. Karma cashes in when he gets an outrageous wake up call Damnation and Desire 1Night Stand Book A Wiccan descendent of a notorious victim of the Salem witch trials, Tessa Ledger is obsessed with the Malleus Maleficarum and its claim that women are susceptible to the influence of the devil through their sexuality.

Tessa seeks the services of 1Night Stand to tame her blazing carnal desires, and perform a little experiment on All Horror; All Romance.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Dragon Temptation 5 STARS!!! 1 Night Stand Series - Reviewed by: Angibabi4. Kali Willows does it again. I absolutelylove her. Cindy Dunham has become sexually emaciated, after a long dry spell and no prospect of romance in her near future. With her best friend's upcoming wedding, .

Claiming Trinity Wiccan Haus Tears of blood… Trinity is the last of her bloodline and cursed with a bizarre ability for a banshee. Soon after the murder of her uncle, her Romancing the Author 1Night Stand. NFL star, Connor Caine has given up on romance.

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Starved for a real woman with curves, intellect, and a sharp wit, he exchanges playful messages with an online crush. Steamy sex is plentiful for author Gemma Dragon's Bond 1Night Stand Series.

Shattered by his abandonment after their single night of passion ends in tragedy, she travels from a life of sexual servitude in Shanghai to San Francisco to chase her career, her dreams, and her one true love. Armed with new knowledge of her Sai is a world-class MMA champion, and a half-breed dragon with a fiery temper. After the vicious murder of her mother, she fled the arms of her two mates and the MC, and made Curse of the Dragon's Eye.

When reality is just a curse in disguise… Ureena has a secret that not even she is aware of. A determined woman is plagued by memory loss, erotic dreams, and surrounded by treachery. Urgency drives her to solve the archeological mystery in the hidden catacombs of the Pyramid of Amon-Ra. A discovery sets her fate in motion, while Join our thousands of happy subscribers.

BookGorilla sends you a single daily email alert with the best deals on books that match your reading preferences, including bestsellers and freebies! All Romance Available on Audible. Boxed Set 1Night Stand by Kali Willows Hidden within the pages of this anthology, are the impassioned journeys of four separate, erotic, urban fantasies. Double Dragon Seduction 1Night Stand Book by Kali Willows Gwen Trembley is disturbed by the upcoming wedding of her reprehensible ex, and coping with her emerging fiery talent.

Dragon Temptation 1Night Stand Book by Kali Willows Cindy Dunham has become sexually emaciated, after a long dry spell and no prospect of romance in her near future.