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The agency's campaign for DB Breweries received two golds and one silver, making it the most celebrated work in this year's Media category. The winning campaign, DB Export Beer Bottle Sand, struck a chord with audiences in New Zealand by drawing attention to the fact that two-thirds of the world's beaches are retreating.

The mass-consumption of sand for various purposes, such as construction and manufacturing, causes a serious environmental threat, one which DB Breweries decided to address.

Unilever moves global comms planning account from PHD to Mindshare

These changes strengthen intentions to alter and increase the likelihood of achieving new behaviours. What are the most effective ways of improving population health through transport interventions? The first called Future of the Media Agency — an exposition of the future of media and the media agency, the second book called Fluid Harnessing the Rising Speed of Influence — on how advertisers should harness a more networked consumer and the third — Beyond the Horizon — which paints a picture of society and the marketing and advertising industry in Mass media campaigns are widely used to expose high proportions of large populations to messages through routine uses of existing media, such as television, radio, and newspapers. I thanked the lecturer for asking me the question the only problem was that now I had to think of the answer. Cleland J, Ali MM. A comparison of different approaches to promote community-wide dietary change.

It also produced 13 million empty beer bottles and generated 53 million views. Their campaign, asking Kiwis to consume beer in order to produce biofuel from the leftover yeast of the brewing process, was equally successful, collecting a Media Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in Our partnership with DB Breweries has allowed us to constantly push the boundaries and cut-through the clutter for an important cause.

What does the Future Media Agency Look Like?

We look forward to continuing the momentum and delivering groundbreaking work. Delegates from PHD Australia discuss the key take-outs from the second Annual Agency Symposium that can be developed in organisations right now.

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Mark Holden

At least that's the future envisioned by media agency PHD and its worldwide planning and strategy director, Mark Holden. “The technology now. PHD Hong Kong receives the highest accolade at Marketing's AOTY Awards Media Agency of The Year – GOLD to forge our future with an extended range of offerings from e-commerce and social media.

You started Aromababy in — where did the idea come from? I worked in a variety of roles from beauty editor for a luxury magazine to product development specialist Why is China such an exciting market for Australian brands?

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How are advertisers navigating the uncharted waters of programmatic in traditional, broadcast, non-digital, offline channels?